March 8 is International Women’s Day!  Plan worship around this theme using Global Women’s Project resources.  If you can’t plan an entire worship, perhaps use certain items, or celebrate in worship on another Sunday.


Inspiring Change: Treasures for the World Ruthann Knechel Johansen, GWP founder

So Who is Underdeveloped? Lois Grove, former GWP steering committee member

Life is Not Fair Mary Kay Ogden, La Verne CoB member

Reflections on Courage  Brenda Petry, Common Spirit (Minneapolis) member

Hearing The Voices Carrie Eikler, Brethren Academy Coordinator, former CoB pastor


“Prayer of Blessing in Honor of Women”  Erin Matteson, spiritual director, retired CoB pastor

Centering Prayer for Women’s Circle Elizabeth Keller, former CoB minister, Revolutionary Love staff


Bethany Seminary‘s IWD service, 2010 from Katie Shaw Thompson, Highland Avenue CoB Pastor

Opening Liturgy for Evening Vespers Elizabeth Keller, former CoB minister, Revolutionary Love staff

Read stories from Bolivia, Sudan, the US, and beyond to inspire your worship and your life!

Hymn Suggestions from Hymnal: A Worship Book (the blue Brethren/Mennonite Hymnal):

  • #20 Come and See
  • #307 Will you let me be your servant
  • #142 Brothers and sisters of mine
  • Supp. #1088 Bring many names
  • Supp. #1046 Gathered here in the mystery of this hour
  • Sing the Story Supp. #124 My soul cries out
  • what do you recommend?

Further inspiration:

Join us in celebrating the strength, accomplishments and contributions of women worldwide!