This new educational initiative of Global Women’s Project seeks to introduce children to the learning, giving, and growing nature of empowerment work!

Through this curriculum, children will learn about the country and children of Uganda, as well as about their own lives in the United States.  They will have a chance to give their resources to support the work children, women, and men, are doing in Uganda.  They will also have the opportunity to grow generous spirits and a feeling of connection to children around the world.

Money raised through the Children’s Giving Project will support GWP’s work with SITEAW in Uganda, which educates girls and strengthens communities, as well as our other project partners.

The Children’s Giving Project Resources include:

The Children’s Giving Project Theme Song: “We are the People” sung by Sister Stella, founder of SITEAW

Please let us know if you are planning to use these resources so we can keep your initiative and congregation in prayer.  When completed, we’d love to hear about your experience! (  Please write a check for your collected contributions to:

Global Women’s Project

1451 Dundee Ave.

Elgin, IL 60120

Thank you for your support!

2 thoughts on “Children’s Giving Project: Uganda

  1. Awesome, Carrie and women of GWP! I especially love the song by Sister Stella and friends. Thank you for making this available for groups to use!

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