What is Global Women’s Project?

Rooted in the Church of the Brethren, GWP seeks to educate about wealth, power and oppression, encouraging one another to live more simply, being mindful of our luxuries, and join in empowerment with women around the world, sharing resources with women’s initiatives. Read more about GWP and our founding in 1978.


Celebrate Mother’s Day by Honoring Women
Global Women’s Project invites you to honor your mother and other women who have nurtured you through the Mother’s Day Gratitude Project . Instead of buying more stuff, express your gratitude as you support women’s empowerment throughout the world. Your chosen recipients receive lovely, hand-written cards indicating that gifts have been made in their honor, with a brief description of GWP.

Our 2020 Mother’s Day Celebration Project honorees in memorium: 

Bonnie Kline-Smeltzer
-Beverly Kline (Mother)
-Belinda Kline Good (Sister)
-Elizabeth Kline Smeltzer (Daughter)
-Rebecca Good Reynolds (Niece)

Shirley Braner
-Helen Freeman (Mother)

Emily Mumma
-Elsie Harley
-Eileen Sexton
-Ruth Funderburg Botkin

Ardalia Wade
-Mattie Jackson
-Minva Reid

Marlene Neher
-Marie Smith Moats (Mother)
-Mary Margaret Smith (Grandmother)
-Wava Long Neher (Mother-In-Law)
-Vera Gilbert Moats (Grandmother)
-Clara Thompson Moats (Grandmother)

Marcia Sowles
-Maxine Sowles (Mother)

Kathleen Hepner 
-Nettie Schneider
-Mildred Hepner

Phil Miller
-Ellen Divine Miller
-Mary Wine Fruth
-Dorothy Shaeffer Miller Saylor