Global Women’s Project seeks to educate ourselves (as variously privileged people) about the global poverty, oppression and injustice that women suffer, and how our own overconsumption and misuse of resources directly contributes to their suffering.

Global Women’s Project invites all women to live in solidarity with women around the world seeking to empower women and girls in their own communities in living a life of dignity and respect.

GWP grew out of the Gathering of Church of the Brethren Women, held at Manchester College in July, 1978. Moved by a message delivered by Ruthann Knechel Johansen, “Giving Birth To A New World,” the conference participants agreed to create the project and to urge the Church of the Brethren General Board to implement the project as a denominational program, though independently funded. Until 1995, GWP had General Board support through Program for Women, World Ministries and Parish Ministries Commissions. Presently, GWP steering committee members share the implementation responsibilities of the program, with limited support from the General Board. In over 3 decades, more than 50 people have served on the steering committee. See a full list here.

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  1. I happened upon your site becuz I was doing personal research on the Lord’s Supper, the Last Supper and the Love Feast terms of reference used by various denominations or bible chapter titles.
    Please send me this information contact , GWP/SERRV-free trade product purchases-sales, ie. coffee to my personal e-mail As I have questions.
    +I am mostly very intrigued also by your Peace Education for children and/or adults, related resolution-mediation etc. training -workshops and Practitioner courses, resources ,etc..The Agape-Sadrihan? program.
    +I am not a Mennonite but our new church, not far from a dtrong Mennonite area, is in the process of being built, with a Mennonite family too as members.
    +My annointing is with Childrens Ministry. If the above wonderful peace programs are offered here in Canada to where I reside.I would be interested, these sound wonderful and I had known that Mennonite people are peacemakers. But did not know it is a program from childhood, nor heard of it from this family who were born raised old order to new order modern mennonites.
    Also e-mail this page to the person above. Who may be interested in knowing more. agape Lisa

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