Lead Sunday school for kids and/or adults with a thought-provoking game.

Download the full lesson plan.

Opening ideas:

  • If you’re in a church context, consider beginning with a hymn or prayer (click for ideas).
  • Call the group together in prayer, such as:

We gather in this sacred space in the midst of God’s mystery and wonder,
in a blessed but broken world.
As we gather before the Holy One,
Who calls each of us by name . . . (name each person’s name)

  • Go around the room and introduce yourselves with name and a check-in phrase or tidbit.
  • If you already know everyone, say a word or phrase about your mood/spirit as you gather.

Closing ideas:

  • Hymn (such as Brothers and sisters of mine) or prayer (click for more ideas).
  • With a big jar (or paper version), commit to a luxury tax with a simple ritual of writing it down and putting it in the jar.luxury tax jar
  • Go around the room and each person share, “One question that I’m pondering is…”
  • Turn to the person next to you and thank them for sharing sincerely today.