In 2009, Carrie Eikler and Anna Lisa Gross developed a Lenten calendar to help us reflect on our abundant resources and what we might ‘give up’ during Lent for the sake of others. The calendars included scripture, information about women around the world and about GWP’s partner projects. The calendar provided an opportunity to join in these women’s journey of empowerment with time and money.

Due to the success of these original calendars, GWP created a new Lenten Calendar for 2014 to provide new stories and activities to ponder during the season of Lent. We are so grateful to Etch Marketing & Design in McPherson, Kansas for their help in creating such a beautiful educational resource. To obtain the new calendar for yourself, or several for friends, family and your congregation, contact us at We can mail them to you, or send you one page per day by email throughout Lent. Either option is free. Contact us today!

Download an Information Sheet and a Tally Sheet to accompany your paper or electronic calendar!

3 thoughts on “Lenten calendar

  1. I was totally shocked at the amount of faucets we have in our home! We live in a parsonage built in the 50s, with an addition from the 70s, and we counted no less than 11 (if we included showers, washing machine hookup, and dishwasher hookup).

    I heard on “Living on Earth” (NPR program) tonight about the gendered nature of water, and that hauling water is predominately a woman’s job in many cultures. There was a woman from Kenya speaking of the organziation she started linking the struggle of women and clean water in Africa. I couldn’t hear it all b/c I had a crying infant in my arm, but she sounded so energetic and passionate!

  2. The Lenten calendar has been so wonderful–challenging and provocative. Today, 27 March, the scripture seemed to be just for me, as it is my husband’s final day of work before his “forced” retirement due to financial constraints where he works. Habakkuk 3:17-19 was exactly what I needed to hear. It is especially appropriate as I ponder the sisters in Sudan who are featured this week. I just returned from visiting Sudan 2 mos. ago, and experiencing our upcoming severe cut in pay helps me understand in a more real way what the dear ones in Sudan face daily. Just like in Habakkuk, even though they face no fruit on the vine and the field yields no food, they rejoice in God. I can do no less. Their witness continues to teach me.

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