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Monthly updates Global E-links:

We now post these monthly updates to the main page of our website, rather than archiving them on this page.

14 June 2010 Mother’s Day Gratitude, Annual Conference Heads-up

1 May 2010 Origins of Mother’s Day, Gratitude Project

6 April 2010 Mother’s Day Project, Uganda Update, Sesame Noodles Recipe

12 February 2010 International Women’s Day, Lenten calendars

20 January 2010 2010 Newsletter, Lenten calendars

12 December 2009 Give your stories!, Poem: Visitation

17 November 2009 Thanksgiving reflection, Gift for the Baldwin Riemans, Kenyan Peanut Soup recipe

7 October 2009 Violence against women in Uganda

17 September 2009 Steering Committee meeting, new member, new project, Domestic Violence Awareness Month

7 August 2009 Fair Trade at District Conferences

8 June 2009 Thank you for your Mother’s Day support!

29 April 2009 Mother’s Day Project

1 April 2009 New SITEAW site, Lent, Mother’s Day, etc.

2 February 2009 International Women’s Day worship resources

8 January 2009 Nan in Sudan

11 December 2008 This holiday season, give the gift of women’s empowerment!

27 November 2008 What we’re grateful for

One thought on “GlobaLinks Newsletter

  1. A huge, heartfelt thank you to all who gave gifts in honor or memory of mothers in their lives. It was my privilege to receive and read your notes. It was an even bigger privilege to send notes to your loved ones. I wanted you to know that I prayed for each of you who lovingly donated and I said a prayer for each of the honorees as I wrote the notes. It was a really special time of connection for me.
    Blessings to each of you!
    Keep working for peace and justice,

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