Global Links Newsletter Correction

We hope that you are enjoying the 2020 edition of Global Women's Project Global Links newsletter! We have an important correction to share. Unfortunately, there was a small typo in the address on the return envelope that was enclosed. If you haven't already sent your envelope, please update the street number to 5315 36th Avenue South. If you already sent your … Continue reading Global Links Newsletter Correction

February ’20 – Global E-Links

Hello GWP Community, As a part of black history month, my congregation is learning about stories of our African American brothers and sisters in the in history in our denomination.  This past week, we met Martha (Mattie) Cunningham Dolby, the first, along with her brother, African American students to enroll at Manchester College.  In 1911, … Continue reading February ’20 – Global E-Links

December ’19 – Global E-Links

Greetings Friends of GWP! We hope this email finds you well on your way to moving into the Advent season. This year, Global Women's Project has created an Advent "Color By Numbers" Calendar for you to use! It's written by Anna Lisa Gross, inspired by our Lenten Calendar, with artwork by Jessie Long. Each day offers a different reflection prompt and … Continue reading December ’19 – Global E-Links