On May 12th, we celebrated Mother’s Day! Thank you so much to those who have donated in honor of Mother’s Day! In honor and in memory of the wonderful women in your life, you have helped raise $4,900 to support incredible women in Uganda, Rwanda, India, Mexico, South Sudan, and Indiana, US.
For the Global Women’s Project Mother’s Day initiative, cards are sent to living mother’s and women who supports have chosen to honor. Donations are also given in honor of women who have passed and those memorial donations are listed below.
Donations given in memory of: 
Maxine Sowles
Mattie Jackson
Minva Reid
Edna V. Groff
Ellen Divine Miller
Mary Wine Fruth
Dorothy Shaeffer Miller Saylor
Beulah Mae (Hampton) Baile
Rowena Frantz Flory
Thank you again to everyone who has donated to honor and remember women near and far this Mother’s Day. It’s not too late to support the Mother’s Day project and have a card sent to a woman or mother that you admire. You can do so by mailing at check (made out to GWP) to:
Global Women’s Project
c/o  Kim Smith
5315 36th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55417
Blessings Sisters and Brothers,
Katie Heishman

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