Summer has always been a favorite season of mine. It’s filled with things I love: vacations, gardening, splashing in the pool, camping, shopping at the local farmers market, and enjoying company on a porch.

Although summer is filled with a lot of fun there are also many luxuries built in and have hidden cost. Vacations have us consuming more gas than we would normally use. Warmer temperatures have us cooling our homes. Watering our gardens or lawns and filling our pools have us consuming more water. On the flip side with the warmer weather, you may be able to bike or walk to more locations rather than driving. You can purchase groceries from local farmers rather than buying goods that have been shipped across the country.

This summer I challenge you to be conscious about the hidden luxuries and opportunities in your summer joys.

Wishing you a wonderful start to your summer season!
Sarah Neher, for GWP

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