Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying your summer and the light and abundance it brings.

Annual Conference is coming up real soon in Cincinnati from July 4th till July 8th 2018.

We invite you to stop by the Global Women’s Project booth, maybe you will run into some familiar faces.

And as we are still celebrating 40 years GWP, don’t forget to check out the challenge for this month:

Tax yourself on eating ice cream… 🙂

June:  Once summer hits, lots of us, especially Brethren, turn to ice cream for cool refreshment. We want to enjoy, but also to think of ways we can share the goodness of having needs met and enough to indulge in some wants with others. Tax yourself a dollar for each ice cream (or other frozen dessert) treat you eat during June.

Stay cool and have a great summer,
Blessings and peace,
and the GWP Steering Committee


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