Tomorrow is the beginning of Lent and we are getting ready to send out our daily Lenten calendar emails!

We share this Lenten calendar as an invitation to reflect on our abundant resources and what we might ‘give up’ during Lent for the sake of others.

The calendars include scripture, information about women around the world and Global Women’s Project partner projects. There are opportunities to join in these women’s journey of empowerment with time and money.

To obtain a calendar for yourself, or several for friends, family and your congregation, contact us at We can mail a paper calendar to you, or send you one page per day by email throughout Lent. Either option is free.

Also, as part of our Global Women’s Project’s 40th Anniversary year of challenges, here is the February challenge:

February: As great as Global Women’s Project’s mission is, not everyone has heard of us. For February’s Challenge, invite 3 friends to consider trying out a luxury tax as a way to support women, and try it yourself, too! You can tag them on Facebook. Post or share what you are taxing and why.

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