Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! This is a very exciting year for Global Women’s Project as we mark our 40th anniversary. We hope that you will join us as we celebrate the countless women that this organization has touched over the years. Look out for Pearl Miller’s reflection on the impact of the organization in your newsletter!

To celebrate this 40th Anniversary, we will be offering a CHALLENGE of the Month. Each challenge will be something different. We know that those of you who already know the work of Global Women’s Project love it, but we also know that there are more people out there who would want to be involved. We hope some of these challenges will be ideas you will share with others, whether it is through social media, personal conversations, email, church announcements, or other groups, we look forward to offering one each month to educate ourselves, live simply, empower women, and share resources. We know you are up to the challenge!

Challenge of the Month – January

Start the New Year off right by thinking of one woman who is at least 40 years old who inspires you and empowers you to be a force for good. Write a letter to her, make a phone call, do a Facebook post, or if she isn’t someone you can reach, write in your journal about what it is about her that inspires you, and think about ways you can show your care for women.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Global Women’s Project Steering Committee

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    1. Yes! Sorry it took us so long to respond. I’m not sure how to attach it here, though. If you email us at, I can send it to you as an attachment. 🙂

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