Dear Friends,
As Christmas time approaches, many of us are doing our year-end giving and our annual shopping for gifts. How do you celebrate the holidays? 
Please consider a gift to Global Women’s Project. It could even be in honor of the person on your list who already has more than enough material goods. You can give online here or mail a donation to GWP c/o Church of the Brethren, 1451 Dundee Ave, Elgin, IL 60120 (write check to GWP).

We, the Global Women’s Project Steering Committee, are putting together our annual newsletter for you all. Look for that in January! In the meantime, we share with you a special story, shared with us by Pearl Miller, a former member of the GWP steering committee.


Lucy’s Story

Change happens when we become aware of a need and are deeply moved to respond.  According to the  UNESCO’s Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report, Policy Paper 21, June 2015), over 130,000,000 girls do not have a chance to go to school.  A number of GWP projects have supported programs that nurture justice and support education for girls around the world.

And change can come about through the vision and leading of a child.  Let me tell you about Lucy. She is a remarkable young girl 9 years of age, who moves forward one of Global Women’s Project’s goals in her own creative way.  After learning about Malala Yousafzai through a school report, Lucy combined her knowledge and her compassionate spirit to take action.  She created a project Coasting to Change ( to link donors to the Malala Fund to support education for girls.

Here is the wisdom shared by Lucy in explaining her mission: “…I love learning, and I know how lucky I am to get to go to school. Everyone deserves that right. Education can change your life, your community, and our world…Education gives girls a future. There are four children in my family, and if school wasn’t available for us, I’d want someone to help us get an education.”

So far she has raised enough for the Malala Fund to help 40 girls go to school!  ($1,931 as of 12/11/17) While her coasters have sold out for the time being, her spirit of paying forward the gift of education for girls continues to inspire!  

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