Each year, people around the world celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8 to call attention to women’s achievements as well as to acknowledge their continuing challenges.  Note that our website contains a rich bank of resources (meditations, litanies, liturgies, prayers) for you that you can access using the International Women’s Day link from this page.  Global Women’s Project encourages you to take the IWD celebration to your faith communities, share the resources in small groups of gathered women, or use them for your own personal meditation!

We offer one prayer here:

Prayer of Blessing in Honor of Women by Erin Matteson

God of Sarah and Hagar, Naomi and Ruth, Esther and Deborah,

God of Mary and Elizabeth, Mary and Martha, Mary Magdalene, Lydia, and all the unnamed women of scripture,

as you anointed these women with the oil of faith and calling, so anoint women everywhere.

as you blessed these women with finding the courage and strength, persistence and perseverance within them, so bless women everywhere. 

as you transformed the world through the vision and work of these women, continue to transform the world through the vision and work of good women everywhere. 

From California to Florida, from Chile to Uganda, may women continue to form and build community in ways that birth justice, love and peace among us.

In gestation and through the laboring, keep them focused, strong, steadfast and unwavering.

God, bless the women who continue to work tirelessly, often unnoticed, but full of beauty and power, for all manner of good.

Continue to make them vessels of your sustenance; instruments of your peace; an inspiration to all. Amen

Blessings to you this International Women’s Day,

Global Women’s Project Steering Committee

One thought on “March eLinks – International Women’s Day!

  1. Thank you, Erin Matteson, for your beautiful prayer in honor of women. I am saving it for possible use at an appropriate occasion.

    Thanks, also, to GWP for your impressive projects. I especially appreciate them, as they appear to be deeply rooted and not simply a one-time solution.
    Perhaps the most valuable thing that you give to the women you’re serving is dignity and a sense that they can control their destinies. Their children, too, will benefit from the positive influences, as they will learn by modeling their mothers.

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