One of my favorite things about living in a van is that we just can’t accumulate much stuff. We can still have a cluttered home (and usually do) but if we decide to clean/purge we don’t have an attic or basement overwhelming the task.

Post-Christmas clutter isn’t only gifts and new purchases cluttering your home. It’s the extra cookie sheets that haven’t been put back up in those cupboards above the fridge. It’s the blow-up mattress that hasn’t been carefully folded and re-stowed in the back of that closet. It’s the wrapping paper and gifts bags you took time to save for re-use which are now in a heap in the corner.
Luxuries have hidden costs.
The women of Global Women’s Project send you peace this season, peace with your luxuries, and peace with what you’re lacking.
While you’re tidying up the pile of Christmas cards on that table, have you found your Lenten calendar? Let us know if you need one!
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Anna Lisa, for GWP

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