Greetings in this Advent season!
Advent…what does it mean to you (other than getting-ready-for-Christmas)?
The word comes from Latin for “coming” as we mark these weeks before we celebrate the coming of God-in-human-flesh.
It’s already 50 degrees as I write this message from Morelia, Mexico–but our nights have grown longer, along with the rest of the northern hemisphere. It is in these short days (and throughout these long nights) that we wait for the Light of Christ to *come*.
Before you click delete, move through your inbox, switch to another tab, I invite you to pause. To give yourself the gift of two minutes of stillness.
What does your soul long for in the coming of Jesus? Where do you pray that lightness shine into the world this Advent?
May it be so.
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Anna Lisa Gross, for GWP