Greetings friends,

There is much excitement in the air as the GWP steering committee prepares for our fall meeting, welcomes 2 new committee members and two long-time supporters back onto the committee, and continues to celebrate our 40th anniversary year.
Make sure to check the upcoming addition of Messenger magazine for an article on GWP’s impact over the years! Did you know that we have supported projects in 25 different countries? Our 40th anniversary challenge this month is to visit the Global Women’s Project website ( and learn more about one of our partner projects. Or, if you know of an amazing local development project run by women anywhere in the world, nominate them for a grant.
We also hope you are able to join us in body or spirit as the GWP steering committee meets October 26-28 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. If you are in the area, the steering committee will be leading a Sunday school class about GWP Sunday 10/28 from 9:30am-10:15am, as well as participating in worship through sharing stories at 10:30am. Beacon Heights is located at 2910 Beacon Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46805.
Blessings for the journey,
Sara White and the GWP Steering Committee

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