Dear GWP friends,

While the summer can often be a slower time for the Global Women’s Project Steering Committee, this August we have so much to celebrate! Two items stand out as particularly emblematic of the mission and ministry of this organization:
1) After enjoying a large quantity of ice cream at last summer’s annual conference, steering committee member Sara White decided to institute a $1 luxury tax for every time she ate ice cream for a year. What more Brethren way to live intentionally right? Well a year is up and 58 bowls of ice cream have been consumed…
2) Because of the generous donations we continue to receive, we have been able to provide a new grant this summer to ECHOPPE, an organization that operates in Togo! This grant will provide training for local social workers who work with many of the women in the community and for female street vendors on food safety practices.
Best wishes,
Global Women’s Project Steering Committee
40th Anniversary Challenge of the Month: Time for a Refrigerator tax. Tax yourself a quarter for every condiment in your refrigerator.

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