Highland Avenue Church of the Brethren, Elgin, Illinois, welcomed the Global Women’s Project Steering Committee for their annual fall meeting. Our thanks to Jeanne Davies, interim pastor, for acting as our gracious host liaison and to Cheryl Brumbaugh-Cayford for beautifully integrating the message of GWP into the worship service.

We were privileged to participate in both the Saturday evening community outreach meal and youth group Sunday fundraiser. It is always an important part of our semi-annual weekend meetings to spend time with the local congregations, sharing in meals, conversations and worship. To all those who provided assistance: bed and breakfast hosts, meal providers and servers, and Church of the Brethren office staff, we are grateful.  A bonus for Sunday:  Jacki Hartley, Peg Lehman and Wendy McFadden, former Steering Committee members joined us for a group picture!  Would your church or community like to host a weekend Steering Committee meeting?

The reports from projects are always in focus at our meetings, whether semi-annual face-to-face or monthly conference call.  GWP shares resources with women’s initiatives that serve to empower women in their own communities. We are open to exploring new possibilities to partner with small, women-led projects that lead to economic, educational, life-sustaining benefits for their families and communities.

Another focus of our September meeting was communication. How can we best keep connected: Newsletter, Facebook, Emailings, conferences, something new?  Be in touch and share your ideas.

We are grateful for your insights, your support of GWP, and your deep concern for the world’s women.

Pearl Miller for GWP Steering Committee

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