Spring means Mother’s Day is coming soon!  Again this year, GWP offers our annual Mother’s Day Gratitude Project, an opportunity for you to honor a woman you know and love by celebrating and supporting mothers around the world. Rather than buying more material gifts for your loved one, express your gratitude with a gift that helps other women around the world. Your donation allows us to fund projects focused on women’s health, education, and employment. In return, your chosen recipient(s) will receive a lovely, hand-written card indicating that a gift has been made in her honor, with a brief description of GWP.

To participate in the Mother’s Day Gratitude Project, send a donation to:

Global Women’s Project

c/o Emily Matteson

1405 Ashwood Dr.

Modesto, CA 95350

Remember to include your name(s) and recipient’s name and address. You may also make memorial donations, which will be honored on our website: Gratitude cards will be mailed in time for Mother’s Day if you send your request to Emily by May 1, 2015. After the 1st, she will mail them as soon as she receives them.

This Mother’s Day, share a gift in honor of a woman you know and in honor of women in Indiana, Rwanda, Uganda, Southern Sudan and India, who are improving the lives of women in their communities.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.25.05 PM


Easter culminated another annual Lenten journey.  We hope that through your Lenten Calendar readings you have gained inspiration, insights and information about the realities for women and girls around the world, about the empowerment projects created in response to those realities, and about your opportunities for personal reflection and action. What inspired you?  What surprised you?  What did you discover from your own activities and “tax collections?” We invite you to share your stories via Facebook, email, letter, or whatever communication medium is important to you. Contributions from your Lenten calendar tally can be sent to:

Global Women’s Project
Church of the Brethren
1451 Dundee Ave.
Elgin, IL 60120



March in Modesto!  Steering Committee members from colder climes were grateful for a chance to warm up in Modesto, California, for our semi-annual meeting.

Our face-to-face gathering time is spent considering our connections with our partner projects, program planning, budgeting, and sharing and reporting from our work assignments. For 2015 we will continue our partnership with the sewing cooperative in South Sudan, Life is Expensive in Rwanda, Uganda’s SITEAW project, and Growing Grounds in Wabash, IN.  We are excited about beginning a new partnership with Cultural Academy for Peace in Kerala, India; a second new project is under consideration.
Connecting with local congregations and communities is an important part of our semi-annual face-to-face gathering.  Tina and Pearl visited with folks at the Empire Church of the Brethren during the Sunday School hour, and then we all participated in the worship service planned by Emily and Erin Matteson at the Modesto Church of the Brethren.  In the afternoon, nearly 35 participants shared a “round-table” exploration of the question, “What is luxury?”
Special thanks to the Modesto and Empire congregations and to our hosts, the Matteson family, Emily, Erin, Hannah and Russ, for a rich and rewarding weekend!
Kim Hill Smith has completed two terms on the Steering Committee, so this was her final meeting with us.  We will miss her wise and gentle presence and her very capable financial leadership!  We are grateful, Kim!


GWP Steering Committee

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