Greetings, Global Women’s Project supporters!

GWP Steering Committee with Marlene & Lyle Neher of the Ivester COB
GWP Steering Committee with Marlene & Lyle Neher of the Ivester COB

We had a very productive steering committee meeting earlier this month in Iowa. We stayed with members of the Ivester Church of the Brethren (Marlene and Lyle Neher, pictured with the steering committee here) and worshiped with that community on Sunday. Several of us have personal connections with that church, so it was especially meaningful to re-connect. We broke bread with the congregation on Sunday morning (World Communion Sunday) and told some stories about breaking bread (in the metaphorical sense) with women around the world. We feel deeply blessed to be connecting in various ways with global women and doing the work of GWP as the volunteer steering committee. We welcomed our newest member, Carol Leland, to her first meeting. She will be introduced more in our annual newsletter (look for that in early 2015).

If you have a new mailing address (since January 2014) or would like to be added to our newsletter mailing list, please email us at You can look forward to reading updates from all of our partner projects in our newsletter in January. Thank you for your ongoing support. We couldn’t do the work we do without the support of our donors!

Blessings to you all this fall,

Tina Rieman

GWP Steering Committee member

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