When the Global Women’s Project Steering Committee meets in person twice a year, one of the things we always end up talking about is relationships. What I mean by that is that GWP understands our work to be about forming partnerships, making deep connections with people, and striving to make the world a better place for women in solidarity with one another. As a steering committee, we always start our meetings by checking in with one another and sharing our joys and concerns. At our in person meetings and at Annual Conference, we connect with GWP supporters by sharing about our projects and resources, and by listening to what you all have to say about social justice and economic privilege. In order to support our five projects around the world, which we purposely call “Partner Projects,” we are in regular communication with contacts who work directly with these groups and can best assess their needs. GWP does its most powerful work when all of these layers of relationships are nurtured together. 15

Rwanda Project
Rwanda Project

During our last conference call, GWP had the opportunity to deepen one of these connections by speaking with Esperance Nyirandayisenga, our contact for our project in Rwanda. Esperance described some of the work the women in her community are doing, such as weaving baskets to sell to tourists, making quilts, and doing agricultural work like growing vegetables and raising sheep and goats. She shared that a group of about 42 women meet each week to discuss their life situations and who is in need. These women each contribute a little money to a common fund, which they then use to help women create small businesses. GWP’s grants to this project have helped the women to buy seeds, tools, and land for their agricultural endeavors. We are so grateful to have had this time to connect with Esperance!

Have you connected with GWP lately? Check out our website or our Facebook page. And if you’re in the Ivester area, we’re coming to you October 3-5!
With you on the journey,
Emily Matteson
GWP Steering Committee

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