Every once in awhile I look through my copy of A Little Daily Wisdom, which is an inspiring collection of writings by Christian women mystics. This week I was caught by this writing for December by Hadewijch in Poems and Stanzas:

“No matter the time of year or the weather,
anyone making works of kindness their companion
finds themselves face to face
with flowers, joy, summer, and sunshine.
Kind people are always new and on fire with longing.
Winter’s bitterness no longer bothers them.”
Whether your home is covered in snow or showered in sunshine this time of year, Global Women’s Project would like to encourage you to give a gift to women around the world this Christmas by making a donation in support of one of our partner projects. Consider giving an alternative Christmas gift by making a donation in honor of a friend, family member, mentor, or teacher. May the fire of kindness be lit in your heart this season.
Emily Matteson
GWP Steering Committee

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