Page from the first Lenten calendar
New Lenten calendar page
New Lenten calendar page

New Lenten Calendar!

Five years ago, GWP produced a Lenten daily devotional calendar. Filled with facts and stories from around the world, scripture reflections, taxes and activities, this Lenten calendar brought the world’s suffering and hope to your homes. This was quite an undertaking and a true labor of love for GWP. The Lenten calendar is a wonderful bridge of our two-fold mission: raising awareness about luxuries and privilege, and supporting women’s initiatives around the world. Reading through the calendar you learn the challenging contexts of our partner projects, and gain greater appreciation for the work they’re doing in their communities.

Order the new Lenten calendar for 2014! It contains new stories, facts, photos, project partners, and activities for you and your family – share a bunch with your faith community too. Whether you still have the last calendar or you’ve never even heard of this, we’d love to send you our new Lenten calendar! It’s designed to be used for 4 years.

The calendar is free, as the fundraising is built-in through daily contributions. Feel free to order multiple copies for your church or women’s group. We can also send you a page per day by email. Lent begins on March 5, 2014 – contact us at cobgwp@gmail.com right away for your calendar!

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