Hello all!

This month’s Global eLinks is coming to you from Valparaíso, Chile! I (Steering Committee member Emily Matteson) am about halfway through my semester studying abroad, and so far it has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I arrived here in late August and return to the US in December, and while here I am living with my wonderful host mother and sister. As an Anthropology major, one of my favorite things about this program is that it really encourages us to do more learning outside of the classroom. For each topic we discuss, we go explore different locations and talk with the people to hear their opinions and thoughts about issues in Chile, past and present. Some of my favorite moments have been sitting with my family here and discussing our similarities and differences. I am attaching a photo of the beautiful view from poet Pablo Neruda’s house in Isla Negra, and a photo of me with one of my favorite Chilean treats, fresh pineapple juice! Each day here brings new opportunities to challenge myself and to expand my world view. As I continue to work with GWP during this life-changing experience, I am reminded of the connection we all share as people of this world, and the impact that our decisions can have in the lives of others.


As conscientious stewards of this world and all the people living in it, the choices we make on a daily basis can make a difference. During the season of autumn, many congregations begin to plan for alternative Christmas fairs, in which handmade gifts, delicious foods, or fair-trade goods are sold to raise money for different causes or organizations. If your congregation participates in this tradition, consider using GWP as one of your organizations this year. We would happily send you more information about our projects to share with those who attend, and your generous donations would be used to fund the work we are currently doing in places such as Nepal and Southern Sudan. We would love to work with you this holiday season!


Emily Matteson

GWP Steering Committee

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