The Global Women’s Project Steering Committee enjoyed a full and productive meeting March 3-5 in Richmond, IN. We reaffirmed and released funds to our partner projects in Rwanda, Wabash (IN), Uganda and Sudan, and planned for education and outreach in the coming year.

We had the opportunity to speak about the work of GWP at Peace Forum at Bethany Theological Seminary and Earlham School of Religion, as well as to provide leadership for the seminaries’ Friday morning chapel service. Sister Stella Sabina (from our partner project in Uganda) spoke about the oppressive tribal traditions in her homeland and her efforts to educate and support women and girls there.

We also met with Roland Kreager, General Secretary of Right Sharing of World Resources (a Quaker organization doing similar work to GWP) to network and to gain ideas about how we can improve our work. We continue to reflect on matters of wealth and privilege, and on women’s empowerment, and we are grateful for our time together in Richmond. Kim Hill Smith, Minneapolis, MN; Anna Lisa Gross, Richmond, IN; Carrie Eikler, Morgantown, WV; Nan Erbaugh, West Alexandria, OH.

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