Dear sisters,

Warm greetings to you.

We are happy to give you an update of our “Ubuzima Burahenda” “Life is Expensive”

This year begun with Joy as the harvest of pineapples is going on. The harvest has been good. With the income from the pineapples, we have been able to assist some members with medical care. We have also started a program to give goats to the members. The goats are easy to be taken care and they are going to provide compost manure to be used in gardens.  One goat costs an average price of $40.00 and we have been able to provide 6 goats to 5 women and 1 man widower.

This year plan is:

–         To plant at least 4000 pineapples

–         Give more goats to members

–         Grow more vegetables and tomatoes.

Thanks for your partnership and support. Your support has been a key in helping us to become more self sufficient.


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