Pumpkin harvest in Rwanda - partner project Life is Expensive

Can you really live simply this holiday season?

At Global Women’s Project, we believe that our lives reflect our values.  How we live, speaks.  No other time of the year than the upcoming holiday season brings such challenge to our commitments to live united with the world’s women.  As you prepare (and it does take preparation) for the holidays, consider taking on one of the following:

1.Take time to reflect: how would you describe the true spirit of the holiday?

2. Make a list of all your traditional holiday tasks and cross off at least two or three that don’t reflect that true spirit of the holiday you determined.

3. Look at all the people on your gift list and then consider Emerson’s words, “The only true gift is a portion of yourself.” Who would be most appreciative and truly benefit from such a gift?

4. Buy local produce, handmade crafts, and eco-friendly products. Support small businesses in your community.  Donate to Global Women’s Project or similar organizations in the name of the recepient.

5. Give the gift of your words.  No texting or quick emails.  No Facebook posts or Tweets. Rather, write a note to those you love. GWP has lovely cards reflecting our partner projects that you can purchase, download, and print out.  Use the beautiful pictures as a fodder for reflections on gratitude and expectation, and share those thoughts with others.

6. Volunteer to insure that others have the opportunity and means to celebrate their holiday.

7. Don’t over commit your time and energy, so that you can be present and enjoy the people with whom you are sharing this special time and the traditions you are creating.

8. Simplify, simplify, simplify! Be mindful and conscious about how and what you are doing.

Escaping the trappings means we can embrace the joy of simplicity, solidarity, and peace!

Please help GWP simplify!
We’re preparing our annual printed newsletter (monthly eLinks are only electronic) and would like to save as much paper as possible. If you get a paper newsletter from GWP in January, would you be willing to get it by email instead? This will not only save paper, but will also allow GWP to use your loving donations with our project partners, rather than on printing and stamps. Please respond to this email if you would like to be switched to e-delivery. Thank you!

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