As September brings the return of many children to school in this country, GWP would like to thank you for enabling girls in Uganda to attend school through your generous contributions to GWP and our partner project SITEAW, Inc. (Shifting Ideas Through Educating African Women). Sister Stella, our contact person from SITEAW, shared the following in a recent letter:

“Thank you so much for supporting our women and children. They have accomplished a lot they would not have accomplished if it were not to be [for] your prayers and financial support….The twenty-two children we had in school are working hard to climb to their next level, except the two who dropped out. They disappeared back to the villages.”

Sister Stella also updated us on the conditions in Uganda at this time. She writes:

“I hope you heard about the bombing in Uganda a few weeks ago….It has been a great setback, not only for our children and women, but to all the people in Uganda. They are living in fear and running all the time. Thugs are also using the opportunity to destroy the country. They place fake bombs in public places to create commotion. Please say your prayers facing Uganda.”

May we keep Uganda and the many other places throughout the world where war ravishes in our prayers.

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