“Love is something if you give it away, you end up having more!”
How many of you have sung these words as part of the “Magic Penny” song at a summer camp? This catchy tune has been on repeat in my mind lately as I think about Global Women’s Project and the generosity of our donors.

Did you know that in addition to funding our regular partner projects, sometimes we give special one-time grants? If our donations exceed the amount we need to fund our educational resources and our regular projects in Indiana, Rwanda, Uganda, and South Sudan, then we seek out other organizations doing meaningful work for women around the world that we might support with a donation. We’ve recently given donations to the Center for Caring Empowerment and Peace Initiative (CCEPI) in Nigeria and Cultural Academy for Peace in India. While these are currently one-time gifts, they have the potential to turn into new partner projects for us in the future.

You give generously to GWP, GWP gives to women-led projects doing powerful work in their communities, and then women around the world end up having more – more education, more opportunities, and more empowering lives.
Emily Matteson
GWP Steering Committee

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