Happy International Women’s Day!International Women's Day 2

It’s actually tomorrow, March 8, but the google browser has an animated doodle (that’s their official term for it), as if today is the day. Either way, we hope you find a meaningful way to celebrate women today.

Some churches are having special worship services this year in honor of International Women’s Day, using some of the resources on our website. Check them out here, if you’re interested. Plan ahead for next year.

Also, we want to wish you a meaningful Lent. I did not grow up with the tradition of giving something up for Lent. As an adult, however, I have often taken on giving something up or taking something on during this season. One year, I gave up TV for Lent. I liked it so much that it became a permanent change in my life for which I have been incredibly grateful. Two years ago I gave up sugar for Lent. While it didn’t create a lasting lifestyle change, it taught me many important lessons, and I’m much more conscientious about what I eat now. This year, I’m taking on the practice of writing a letter each day. (And, no, this email to you all does not count. I’m talking about a handwritten note that I send in the mail!) Even just after three days I already appreciate how I feel taking time to thoughtfully communicate with one beloved friend every day.

New Lenten calendar page
New Lenten calendar page

The other thing I’m doing during Lent is using Global Women’s Project’s new daily Lenten Devotional Calendar. It’s a good way of putting my attention on the luxuries I have and bringing my awareness to the global community. If you would like to get it, please send an email to info@globalwomensproject.org. Let us know if you’d like it sent to you one page at a time as a daily email, or as a paper copy in the mail (at no cost to you). Either way, I recommend it as an enriching practice during this season.

Next weekend the GWP Steering Committee will be meeting in Missouri. Please hold us in your prayers are we do the good work of supporting women’s empowerment and educating ourselves about global poverty and our own privilege. We’ll be participating in worship at the Warrensburg Church of the Brethren Sunday, March 16. If you’re in the area, please come see us! We’d love to connect with you.

Love and Blessings,
Tina Rieman
GWP Steering Committee

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