Global Women's Project Steering Committee September 2013
Anna Lisa, Kim, Pearl, Tina, Emily, and Anke – at our fall meeting in North Manchester, IN, September 2013















We’re enjoying spending time with each other and doing the good work of Global Women’s Project here in North Manchester, IN.  Many thanks for Rachel Gross for hosting us all weekend.  Gratitude also to Bob Gross for sharing with us his fundraising wisdom this  morning.

the luxury of having six laptops
Laptop Luxury – we have six laptops so we can all be on the same page at the same time!












We’re very aware of our luxuries this weekend.  One of them that we’re most grateful for is that we each have access to a laptop for this meeting, and that we have wi-fi internet available at KenapocoMocha Coffee Shop for our lunch and the continuation of our meeting this afternoon.

What luxuries in your life are you aware of and grateful for today?

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