bellsIn these final days leading to Christmas, GWP invites you to take a few moments to reflect on the wealth which surrounds us and how the choices we make in this country impact others around the globe. We also ask that you consider doing at least one thing, large or small, during this season and throughout the coming year which will make the world a more just, safe, profitable and respectful place for women. Among the many things which you could do, we invite you to share of the work of GWP with your friends and family and to consider giving an end-of-year donation to GWP to enable us to continue our educational efforts and to support our partner projects in Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda, Nepal and here in the U.S. in Indiana. Donations may be sent to:

Global Women’s Project

1451 Dundee Avenue

Elgin, IL 60120

As you receive this Global e-Links, we are in the process of producing our annual Globalinks newsletter, which will be sent out in January. We are excited to share more about GWP with you, including an interview with Tina Rieman (our newest GWP Steering Committee member), a report from Emily Matteson about her recent semester in Chile, an educational piece on the concept of a “luxury tax,” updates on our partner projects, our annual financial report, a remembrance of the life and work of Barbara Anna Roller Smith, and more.

2013 marks the 35th anniversary of GWP! Watch for tidbits of fascinating GWP history in upcoming Global e-Links as we reflect on this important milestone.

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