We are excited to report on the progress of the Growing Grounds project in Wabash, Indiana. Here are some quotes from their quarterly report which we would like to share with all the supporters of Global Women’s Project.  Thank you for helping to make their work possible!  Their work serves as a wonderful example of how similar programs could be started in all communities to support women returning home.

Growing Grounds has established a regular presence at the jail. One of the major steps needed to complete phase one is to develop and implement the follow-up assessments. Most of our information is coming from interviews and meetings with the ladies assessing their needs upon reentry into society.   We need to support this with more volunteers in the jail to aid with survey completion and building bridges of trust.

We conducted a Mentor/Volunteer Transition Coach Training session in April. We currently have five women in the program with coaches. We are hoping to establish a Growing Grounds Transition Center at the Wabash Church of the Brethren. The Center would continue to provide classes from Purdue Extension on nutrition, budgeting and parenting. The center would also offer tutoring, yoga, self-improvement, computer, and employment training classes. Our goals also include establishing a clothes-closet for job interviewing and transition support groups.

We have meetings scheduled in July with Community Corrections, local judges, and probation to determine the needs of the Center and how it will work with the current judicial programs established. We have had a tremendous positive response from almost everyone we have come in contact with. This really seems to be a project with an overwhelming amount of support from the entire community.  We are looking for a project director to do this work on a permanent basis.

Representatives from probation and Community Corrections were present in April when Melanie Snyder, the author of Grace Goes to Prison presented her work regarding Restorative Justice.”

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