serrv_logo03Carrie Eikler, co-pastor of the Morgantown (WV) Church of the Brethren/Mennonite Church, has a vision and a challenge…to get Fair Trade goods into all the Church of the Brethren district conferences!  Some district conferences already support SERRV sales…does yours? (Don’t know about SERRV?  Then check it out here)
If your district conference hasn’t sold fair trade products before, this is a great opportunity to host a mini-SERRV sale!  Carrie approached West Marva district about hosting a mini-SERRV sale during their district conference in September.  They happily agreed and profits from the sale will be given to Global Women’s Project.  What better way to connect people with women around the world, than seeing, touching, and bringing art into their lives…art made by economically empowered women.
As a supporter of Global Women’s Project, consider hosting a sale to benefit the work of GWP.  Perhaps your congregation, a group of committed GWP supporters, or any number of district commissions could join you in organizing your sale.  SERRV makes it really easy to begin.  Click here to begin the process of organizing your sale. (And if your district conference has come and gone, then tuck this idea away for next year).
Let Global Women’s Project know if you will be hosting a sale!  Also, let us send you GWP information to go alongside your sale, or for a GWP table of its own.  We are working at weaving a web of education and knowledge about women’s empowerment, and district conferences are a great place to start.

So let the count begin!
Districts Conferences that have SERRV sales: 2
SERRV sales benefiting GWP: 1

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