In this time of Thanksgiving, we on the GWP steering committee are grateful:

  • for Ruthann Knechel Johansen, whose speech 30 years ago inspired Church of the Brethren women to start Global Women’s Project
  • for all of our sisters around the world who are standing up for themselves and their daughters, reaching for justice
  • for the dozens of women in the US who have served on the GWP steering committee
  • for all of the women and men in the US and around the world who thoughtfully live simply, that others may simply live.

2 thoughts on “What are YOU thankful for?

  1. I will always be thankful for Phil. and Louie Rieman for the great love they shared with me and the women of Africa. It is through them that I got connected to my extended family of the Church of the Brethren. I love you a lot all of you. Be happy always.

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