Kim, Nan, Anna Lisa, Emily

The Global Women’s Project steering committee held its semi-annual meeting in August in Elgin, IL. GWP was delighted to share stories and successes from their project partners in Rwanda, Nepal, Sudan, Uganda and Indiana. Project partners receive annual financial support from GWP to embolden their work supporting women’s initiatives and strengthening communities. All GWP project partners are cooperative organizations led by local women.

GWP was also thrilled to welcome its newest member, Emily Matteson, a sophomore at Scripps College in CA. Emily’s spiritual and intellectual passion for the health of women and their communities is a gift to GWP. GWP also joined in worship with York Center COB and Highland Avenue COB. GWP enjoyed worship, networking, relationship-building and discernment in this meeting.

The GWP steering committee is Nan Erbaugh, Lower Miami COB (OH), Carrie Eikler, Morgantown COB (WV), Kim Hill Smith, Common Spirit (MN), Emily Matteson, LaVerne and Modesto COBs (CA), Anna Lisa Gross, Yonic Space (MN).

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