Louie Baldwin Rieman
Louie Baldwin Rieman

We remember Louie Baldwin Rieman, former GWP steering committee member and life-long proponent of global relationship-building and a shared journey of empowerment.

Louie and her husband Phil were killed in a car accident on December 26, 2008. Their children, Ken, Tina and Cheri, as well as thousands in the Church of the Brethren and all walks of life, all around the world, are devastated by this loss. All who knew Phil and Louie are also inspired by the ways this couple met the world with hope and love.

Sister Stella, Organizer of SITEAW, Shifting Ideas Through Education for African Women, a GWP partner project in Uganda, wrote of Phil and Louie Baldwin Rieman, “Everyone of us had been touched by the deep love they shared. The challenge is on our side to keep that fire of love burning.”

Share your own memories of Louie, and of the Baldwin Rieman family, here.

2 thoughts on “Remembering Louie Baldwin Rieman

  1. I carried a copy of the photo of Phil and Louie from the front of their funeral bulletin to Sudan with me to give to Gladys Mannanyu of the Sudan Council of Churches, who considered Phil and Louie like parents to her. She talked of the annual Christmas photo and letter she would get from them. She wept at the photo I brought and said she had been trying not to talk about their deaths much because it just hurt too badly. I was reminded of the long reach of the love and care Louie and Phil showed everyone with whom they came in contact.

    While in Sudan, I also thought of the 2005 Sudan trip we took with Louie and Phil. On the way home, we had a layover in London and shared a room with them. Louie and I were checking out the bathroom–even having a bathroom was a big deal to us coming from two weeks in Sudan! We were both excited because there were two clear plastic shower caps in the bathroom, so we could each take one home to use as a lid for our leftovers in bowls. We giggled that we were so excited about “hats” for our leftovers.

    We miss you, Louie


  2. One thing I’ve always admired about Louie is her complete graciousness.
    So many women in our society are encouraged to feel bad about who they are, and to be jealous and judgmental of each other.
    Even in the ways that Louie may have struggled with insecurity, I NEVER experienced her putting anyone else down to build herself up. I ALWAYS experienced her reaching out to others in ways that encouraged them to reach their full potential.
    This is an amazing gift that I desire. Louie’s model is a gentle reminder to me.

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